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About Us


With a legacy spanning over 30 years, Laughlin River Tours isn’t just a river cruise company; it’s a heartfelt commitment to sharing the vibrant spirit of Laughlin with every visitor. Our “why” is woven into the fabric of community, customer service, and a genuine passion for the Laughlin Experience. We believe in creating wonderful memories for you and your family aboard the Grand Celebration that will keep you coming back to Laughlin for years to come! Our dedication to customer service isn’t just our professional ethics; it’s a reflection of our pride in the work we do.

Step aboard the Grand Celebration, a lavish 150-passenger yacht that redefines the essence of river cruising. Featuring a full-service bar, an enticing lunch and snack menu, and convenient restrooms, our deluxe vessel ensures that every need is met. The bottom deck offers a fully climate-controlled environment, providing refreshing air conditioning in the summer and cozy heating during the mild desert winter. For those seeking a breath of fresh desert air, the topside deck promises both a stunning view and invigorating atmosphere.

As the exclusive provider of fine dining dinner cruises in the area, we invite you to elevate your evening on the water. Indulge in a four-course meal, delight in live entertainment, and relish the unparalleled views that make Laughlin truly special. It’s more than just a dinner reservation; it’s an immersive experience, ideal for celebrating special occasions or enjoying a romantic date night. Additionally, for a family-friendly adventure, join our narrated 90-minute scenic tour, where fun takes center stage against the backdrop of the mystic Colorado River. Laugh, learn, and create lasting memories with your loved ones as you cruise along the picturesque shores of Laughlin.




Trevor and I met at Javalina Cantina in Lake Havasu November 2010. Trevor had big plans to relocate to Mexico with his buddy Jerry and was purchasing a bar in Puerto Penasco. Well that plan didn’t quite make it to fruition. Trevor couldn’t help himself and fell in love. I have to admit I was a bit smitten too! So while Jerry’s Mexico dreams came to a crashing end, mine were just beginning! My four boys and I moved to the river, Trevor and I got married and added a baby girl to the family. We not only blended a family together we started Rocky River Adventure Center, renting jet skis at the Aquarius. This is where our passion for the river began. Trevor was always daydreaming of owning this locally owned “Jet Boat Business.” Well a few years went by, jet ski operation was going well and we had an opportunity to purchase a boat! Okay it wasn’t a jet boat, but she sure is a lot of fun for me. Our first tour boat purchase was the Celebration which we donated to the City of Bullhead in December of 2022. You can find her on the banks of the Colorado River at Bullhead Community Park where she continues to be a staple to our area. Replacing the Celebration has been an exciting venture for us with the purchase of our new Luxury Yacht, the Grand Celebration. Trevor never let go of his dream of owning the jet boats and in 2016 we were able to finally make it happen. You will see Trevor behind the captains wheel of one of our London Bridge Jet Boats with a grin from ear to ear! You will also find our two oldest sons behind the captain’s wheel of the Grand Celebration or operating the jet ski & UTV rentals. Our twin boys are attending college and our baby girl is now in grade school.

We continue our love for outdoor adventure and have opened TTR Motorsports offering service, repair and customization of UTV’s. We are beyond blessed with an amazing crew. From our skilled captains, to our friendly servers, our amazing ticket booth agents and office managers, we have truly grown a second family. Our shared love of the area, shines through us all and we love that we can share it with each of our visitors. We look forward to continuing to make amazing memories for you and your family! Oh and while you are on board the Grand Celebration Boat make sure to say hi to Jerry… just don’t mention Mexico!”

Sincerely, Brea and Trevor Chiodini

Laughlin River Tours Grand Celebration