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At Laughlin River Tours, we pride ourselves on offering unique and unforgettable experiences on the beautiful Colorado River. Our private cocktail cruise is perfect for those looking for a one-of-a-kind outing with friends, families, or colleagues. With breathtaking views and personalized service, you’ll feel like you’re in a world of your own. And to top it off, our fully stocked bar will keep the drinks flowing all night long. Trust us, this is an evening that goes beyond the ordinary. Come and see for yourself what makes Laughlin River Tours stand out from the rest.

a glass of wine

The Perfect Setting

Step aboard our luxurious riverboat, the Grand Celebration, and let the magic of the Colorado River envelop you. As you cruise along the tranquil waters, you’ll be surrounded by stunning vistas of the natural beauty that this region has to offer. Whether you choose a daytime or evening cruise, the scenery is sure to leave you in awe.

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Tailored to Your Preferences

At Laughlin River Tours, we understand that every gathering is unique, and that’s why our private cocktail cruises are fully customizable. From lively affairs to more refined gatherings, we cater to your preferences and ensure that your event is exactly as you envision it. Our experienced and professional staff will work with you to create a personalized itinerary, ensuring that your cruise is tailored to your specific needs.

a bunch of food sitting on a table

Sip and Savor

One of the highlights of our private cocktail cruise is the fully stocked bar onboard. Take your pick from a wide selection of beverages, from signature cocktails to fine wines, all expertly crafted by our skilled bartenders. Indulge in delicious hors d’oeuvres and mouthwatering snacks, prepared fresh for your cruise. Whether you prefer light and refreshing drinks or bold and flavorful fare, our menu offers something for everyone.

Unforgettable Memories

While the picturesque scenery and delectable offerings are certainly memorable, it’s the experience shared with loved ones that truly makes our private cocktail cruise extraordinary. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, hosting a corporate event, or simply enjoying a night out with friends, our goal is to create an atmosphere that fosters connection and celebration.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure on the Colorado River? Contact Laughlin River Tours today to book your private cocktail cruise. Cheers to an incredible journey on the water!

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