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When it comes to celebrating a special occasion or hosting a memorable event, a private cocktail cruise is an excellent choice. That’s where Laughlin River Tours comes in. We offer unique experiences along the Colorado River, including private cocktail boat cruises. With our years of experience, Laughlin River Tours knows how to make your private cocktail cruise an unforgettable celebration. Here are four tips for creating a memorable experience on your private cruise. Then reach out to us to book a private cocktail cruise for your special occasion! 

bottles of alcohol

Customize the Cocktails and Hors D’ oeuvres 

A crucial element of any celebration are the food and drinks. Customize your cocktail and hors d’oeuvres menu to include a selection of delicious and refreshing beverages and bites that will delight your guests. Consider signature cocktails that reflect the theme or occasion and collaborate with Laughlin River Tours to ensure a well-stocked bar that caters to everyone’s preferences. Laughlin River Tours offers a selection of hors d’oeuvres with each cruise including customizable menu options. 

view of the water front the cruise

Set the Ambiance with The Golden Glow from the Colorado River

As the sun sets below the horizon, casting golden hues upon the tranquil Colorado River, embark on your luxury boat tour. Create a captivating ambiance on your private cocktail cruise with the right lighting and decorations. Dim or soft lighting, along with tasteful decorations, can transform the boat into an enchanting space. Consult with Laughlin River Tours to explore centerpiece options provided by Laughlin River Tours team of professionals. 

a tray filled with wine glasses

Plan Engaging Activities and Entertainment

To make your private cocktail cruise even more memorable, plan engaging activities and entertainment for your guests. Our cocktail cruise includes a professional DJ and space for dancing on our rooftop deck. 

guests dancing

Capture the Memories

Don’t forget to capture the special moments during your private cocktail cruise. Consider hiring a professional photographer recommended by Laughlin River Tours. We can assist you in finding reputable photographers or suggest ideas for capturing memories throughout the event.

Create a Special Moment With a Special Event Cruise

A private cocktail cruise with Laughlin River Tours is the perfect way to create an unforgettable celebration. We can help ensure that your private boat cruise will be a memorable experience for all. Put these tips into action and let Laughlin River Tours help you create a truly unique and enjoyable private cruise experience — book today!

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